Birthday Wishes – Pleasing The Kids

Birthday Wishes – Pleasing The Kids

Birthday Wishes

How do we give kids birthday wishes and gifts that they can not only enjoy but also benefit from? As a parent you may not want to give into your kid’s demands for all of the gadgets, gizmos, video games, candy and other desires they might have. That will leave you with a tough situation to make them happy on their birthday while also satisfying your ulterior motives as well.

Birthday wishes can be done without making your child hate you on their birthday. If they have a hard time understanding why you are not getting them what Mikey got from his family, then you might need to involve them a little bit more in the decision process. If they are used to getting all of the latest video games and you allow them to sit in front of the television for hours every day then it may be harder on you however. But, some kids would really enjoy just being able to plan an adventure or trip with all of their friends to somewhere, whether it is outside at an amusement park, the beach, or laser tag indoors. Birthday wishes can be celebrated like normal and gifts can be exchanged. The best part here is that the kids are being active, engaging socially and are able to have a good time too.

Birthday Wishes, Gifts & Children

Most times a kid will care less about the card and the birthday wishes that are inside of it. They just want to get to the good stuff, the gifts! Depending on their age you probably already know they hate getting clothes and don’t like anything that’s not “cool.” Something that inspires creativity and is also cool can be the perfect solution for you to get your child something they will like while also satisfying your needs. A parent wants what’s best for their children and sometimes that means putting your foot down and leading them on the right path in life. So don’t blame yourself for wanting to get your child books, clothes, and other birthday gifts which promote learning and growing.

If it were up to your son or daughter, their birthday wishes would probably not align with yours. Don’t sweat it, just try to find a happy medium of things they want and things that you would like them to have. Depending on their age, Legos and other similar toys are great for creativity and also can be highly demanded by children. As kids get older they tend to follow trends at school and want to be up with the latest things and what used to please them on their birthday doesn’t really do the trick any longer. They have matured, and might appreciate birthday wishes in a card more but also want the latest style clothes, technology and video game systems so they can play and interact with their friends. Hey, give yourself a break; parenting isn’t easy!

Example birthday wishes for kids sources:

I’m so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy

We celebrate a person who Brings happiness to everyone, Someone who gives more than she gets, And fills our lives with joy and fun.

As parents we hope that you touch the life of thousands of other people with the same happiness, care and love that you have touched ours. Happy Birthday!!!

From the first day we knew you are something special. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

This day is special not for your birthday but for being the day on which we first saw and touched our little angel. Happy Birthday to you

Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone every age except babies love to have A good night or day of bowling. What better way to bring in A birthday than with A cosmic bowling birthday party?

Get your party going and rolling right down the lane. Below you will see A few ideas to get your bowling theme party geared.

Bowling Party Invitations

When throwing A bowling party the first thing you will to do is roll those invites out. What’s A party without people?

Plan to let your future guests know your party will be popping two weeks ahead of time.

Give your friends and family some time to prepare to attend your event and celebration

Before you can plan your party location. You need to know just about how many folks will show up to your event. There are two types of party invites you could use. The first being Personalized Bowling Invitations or use premade bowling party invites in the icon on the left.

Bowling Party Location

There are only two good places to give A bowling birthday party.

  • At A Bowling Center – Call up your local bowling center and ask them if they hold bowling parties at their location. If so, Reserve A party for all guests who responded to your invite. Ask if they have Cosmic bowling or glow in the dark bowling. Search around by calling or doing A web browse.
  • In the Back Yard – At the entrance of your party set up A welcoming bowling party banner. Set up A replica bowling area in the backyard and use it for strike contests and activities.Tie and tape balloons to fences, chairs, and hang around party areas. Set up tables one for party gifts, food, and guests. Place bowling party tableware on party tables with matching table cloths. For A classy look cover your folding chairs with chair covers with A ribbon tie on the back.



Bowling Party Cake

Make your own bowling ball cake. To do this you will need A Bowling Cake Pan Set. After you bake this cake. You need to frost it with any color frosting. Preferable black then add three finger holes and place it on A wooden floor tile to give it A bowling alley look.

Bowling Party Food

If you host you party at A bowling alley your guests can use the concession stand if they get hungry. If your having A home party. Serve the typical bowling alley foods. Usually bowling alley food consists of things like

  • Nachos
  • Hotdogs
  • Soft Pretzels & Cheese Sauce
  • Fried Chicken & Fries
  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • and The Main Attraction Cake and Ice Cream
Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo birthday party ideas for children.

Elmo is one of the most popular characters on the kids programming TV show Sesame Street.

Party with Elmo on your little ones special day. We have all the ideas you need for A perfect Elmo birthday celebration!

See below for ideas on cake, games, decorations, and food ideas. We also have matching theme party supplies too. We help make your event hassle free.

Elmo Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Get your Elmo or Sesame Street birthday party invitations into the party goers hands as soon as you can.

A good time is about three weeks before the party is to begin. Give your guests time to make plans to attend your event.

Specify the time, date, and any special instructions on the inside of the invites.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for Cake

Make your own Elmo birthday cake by using an Elmo Birthday Cake Pan. It’s shaped like Elmo’s face. All you need to do is, Select A cake flavor.

Then decorate the cake with the red, black, white, and orange colors of frosting that are in his face.

Make A round cake if you don’t have an Elmo cake pan. Frost the cake red. Make wavy lines in the red icing for Elmo’s fur decorations using A butter knife.

Cut marshmallows in half and place them as eyes. Squeeze black icing onto them for the pupils. Make A orange nose using orange decoration icing. Then more black icing for his mouth.

Make Easy Elmo Cupcakes

Bake up some cupcakes any flavor. Frost them red and then add the mini marshmallows cut in half round white eyes with icing black pupils, orange round nose, and black mouth with squeeze icing. Serve them as A treat during your party time.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

The best way to decorate for an Elmo party is by using the colors that are associated with your theme or character. Elmo Party Supplies & Decorations can be used in order to maintain the structure and look of your Elmo birthday party theme.

Solid colors work well too! Blue, Green, and Yellow look awesome if intertwined together in different aspects of your party.

Tie one of each color helium balloons together and tape them to the food table corners. Use Mylar balloons too. Hang two or three colored twisted streamers, From each corner of the room to the center.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for Food

Let’s get creative with food for your Elmo party! We have A few food ideas that you can add to your party to make it fun and look nice.

Goldfish Crackers in Bowl – Since Elmo’s has A fish name Dorthy. We thought it would be cool to put fish cracker in A fish bowl on your snack table.

Elmo’s Famous Pizza – Make A pizza or mini pizzas that look like Elmo. Placed dough in the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle some cheese for the first layer. Spread sauce over the cheese around the pizza for his face. place two round slices of white cheese for his eyes and use black olives for his pupils. Orange bells pepper nose and A black olive mouth. Your set bake and serve.

Mini Burgers – Make small three inch burger patties. Cook them well. Place them on cut dinner rolls or mini burger buns. A slice of cheese, ketchup, mustard, and fine cut onions with pickles are good for toppings but, You decide which topping tastes best for your party and the guests.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas for Games

The funnest game at any party for kids is the pinata. All you have to do is fill A cool Elmo Pinata with treats and goodies.

Blind fold the kids. Give them A twirl with A stick. Let them have A go at popping the pinata and any treats that fall let them have.

Coloring pages keep kids busy during the wait for other guests. Have A contest for who can color Elmo the prettiest. Give a prize for it.

Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas

Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas

Our perfect Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas are easy, fun, and creative. Clown around in Mickey’s clubhouse with your party guest. Below you will find ideas for cake, food, fun, and more! Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular Disney characters. When decorating intertwine Mickey’s colors to make your party eye popping. Let’s bring your party to perfection.

Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

The best time to get your birthday party invitations into the hands of party guests, is about two weeks before the party is to be held.

Take the time to select and write or print out every invite to your liking. A good way to send invites is through the mail, online email, social network or hand delivering.

Make Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

Simply trace A cutout of mickey mouses head on any color construction paper. Draw lines for you party details. Fill in the info and make copies.

Mickey Mouse Party Cake

A great and effective way to create A homemade cake for this theme, Is by using this cool Mickey Mouse Cake Pan.

Use any kind of cake you want and follow the directions that come with the pan to create something similar to the cake picture.

Use Crisco and flour in the bottom of your Mickey Mouse cake pan. To ensure A non stick surface so your cake pops right out the pan.

Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

The best way to decorate for your Mickey mouse party is to use the colors that are most often seen in his character.

Mixing black and red work great! Maybe you will want to add blue, green, and yellow too.

Twist two colors of streamers together and begin to hang them from the corners of the room.

Use multiple colors of round balloons of even some Mickey Mouse Shaped Balloons make the party look delightful to the eyes.

Mickey themed table cloths should have the edges taped under the table if your partying outside. Make sure to have cool centerpieces that match also.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Food

Create some awesome Mickey Mouse party food with A few of these easy ideas. Incorporate our theme food ideas into your food menu to give your party A nice feel. Here are A few foods you can make or create with A Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter.

Mickey Clubhouse Pizza – This is simple just get some mickey mouse cookie cutters. Make or order A pizza. Cut into the pizza with the cookie cutter and try to get as many mini Mickey shaped pizzas as you can.

Mickey Clubhouse Sandwiches – Put your sandwiches together anyway you want to make them. Place A stick in the center to hold the sandwich together. Proceed to cut the sandwich with the cookie cutter to make your shaped masterpiece.

Mickey Clubhouse Cookies – Make sugar cookie that are shaped like mickey and decorate them with icing or just leave them plain.

Mickey Club Punch – Make A red punch in A bowl and place A few scoops of blue sherbet on top. Pour in A few cups of clear carbonated beverage to create A nice fizz to the drink.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Games

A classic favorite games that most of all kids enjoy playing is the pinata.

Fill this themed game up with goodies and treat that kids love to eat and play with. Blind fold theme and give them A spin then off they go.

More fun activities for kids include giving them A coloring sheet. How about creating A pin the nose on Mickey game. Make A big Mickey face using poster board. Use black construction paper to make noses for Mickey. Blindfold the kids and spin them. Whoever get closest to his nose wins the prize.

Michael Jackson birthday party ideas

Michael Jackson Birthday Party Ideas

Michael Jackson Birthday Invitations

The best way to inform your future party guest about your Michael Jackson birthday party is to invite them with matching themed invitations.Doing this let’s people know the theme your party will have when that special time comes.

Make Your Own Sequin Glove Invitations

Make your own Michael Jackson birthday or party invitations. Get some white construction paper, a ruler, glue, and silver sequin. Trace your hand and cut it out for the invitation. Glue the sequin onto the glove cutout. Let it dry then take your ruler make lines for your party detail on the back. Fill in your details and your done

Michael Jackson Birthday Cake

Here are a couple of ways you can have a great Michael Jackson birthday theme party cake or cupcakes.

  • Store or Professionally Made Cake – Most bakeries can place any image on a cake. How about giving them a M.J. Image and have them make your a theme cake. Tell them the outlining colors you’d like it to be and your set. Have a pro with vast imagination make a cool fondant covered M.J. themed cake for a smooth finish and unique style.
  • Homemade Cake – Bake up a cake of any size and flavor. Frost it with black, red, white, or all three colors of icing. Sprinkle edible silver or gold beads all over the cake. Use squeeze icing to write the birthday persons name or a tribute message on the cake. You can even pop in some cupcake toppers of ours to set it off.
  • Homemade Cupcakes – Bake up some tasty cupcakes with red or black baking cups. Frost them with black, red, and white frosting. Make white frosting red or black with food coloring. Sprinkle on gold or silver edible dust on top of frosted cupcakes. Pop in our printable cupcake toppers or make designs and writings.

Michael Jackson Birthday Decorations

Michael Jackson Stand Up: It would be cool to get greeted at the entrance by Michael Jackson. How about placing a Michael Jackson 6’1 Life size Cut Out by the party entry way. Place a banner near it with a bundle of theme matched balloons to mark the party place, Which will make it easier for guests to pinpoint your spot.

Create the feeling of walking into an awards show! Use a Red Rope Stanchion Set to give guests a good feel of Hollywood.

If you add the red carpet runner and sprinkle some music note or star confetti onto the runner it will create a really fancy look.

Hollywood Star – They are many items you can use to be creative with this theme. For instance you know that Michael Jackson was presented with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. How about placing a Hollywood Star Peel ‘N Place at the entrance of the party. You can write your name on it or Michael Jackson’s if you’d like.

Celebrity Red Carpet – Another fun prop to have is the Red Carpet Runner. You can place this at either the entrance as well or if your party is in the backyard, Place it in the yard, So that as you are entering the yard, You are walking onto the red carpet, As you enter the backyard where the party is held.

M.J. Themed Tableware: All of the solid color party packs are suitable and matching to Michael Jackson’s usual attire colors. They match because most of the outfits I have seen him wear, Were a color of the similar sort.

Hanging Music Notes: Hang black music notes from the ceilings. Make your own by getting some black construction or poster board paper. Trace a music note onto them using chalk and cut them out. Place a small hole in the top center of the music note. Loop and tie a piece of curling ribbon through hole you just made, Then tie and tape the sting that’s holding the music note onto the ceiling.

M.J. Themed Balloons:Float balloons that are shaped like silver and/or gold stars around the party room. Use Michael Jackson Party Labels to paste onto blown up solid color balloons so they will match your theme.

Make Your Own Records: By cutting circles into black construction paper and pasting our printable M.J party label in the center.

Hang up posters of M.J. on the walls along the sides of old records with our M.J. party labels pasted onto the records center.

Flashing Lights/Camera Flashes: Get some flashing Party Lights for evening time. Flash them in the dancing area, So they will look cool and give the experience that your moving slowly.

Give the illusion the and fans media are taking photos of guests, By using strobe lights flashing slowly as they walk into and around the party scene.
Music & Video: Set up the party atmosphere. Be sure to have a variety of Michael Jackson music playing in the scene of your party background. If possible play a few movies and/or music videos that Michael Jackson played in or made.

Michael Jackson Birthday Party Food

Here are a few ideas you can use to tie your appetizers into your party theme. We also have a few food ideas.

Glove Cookies: Get some sugar cookie dough and use cookie cutter to cut into hand shapes. Bake them and frost them white with cookie icing. Place silver edible sugar beads all over them.

Hat & Glove Sandwiches: You could make some sandwiches and cut them into hats and gloves with cookies cutters.

Sparkling Drinks: Since Michael Jackson has a thing for sparkles, It’s only right to serve sparkling beverages. You could serve sparkling apple cider, lemon lime soda, or champagne for adults.

Name cards work well for foods. You can be creative and name them anything you want, Using terms from Michael Jackson’s history. Like Thriller Tacos or something to that nature.


Michael Jackson Birthday Games

Here are some ideas you can use to add some entertainment and activities to your Michael Jackson birthday theme party. Play these games as many times as you need, To make sure you include all your party guest in on the fun and prizes.


Moon Walk Contest: Whoever can moon walk the best wins the prize. Make sure to provide a smooth surface for your guest to glide on.


Michael Jackson Trivia Sheet: Printable Sheet Coming Shortly… In the mean time you can get some paper and write down some questions you think people should know about Michael Jackson. Make copies and have your answers on a separate sheet. Whoever gets the most right wins the prize.


Michael Jackson Finish That Tune: Play a Michael Jackson song. As he sings the song stop it from playing in the middle of a verse. The player must finish the rest of the words to the verse that was playing. If they know the words they win the prize.


Michael Jackson Dress Up: Provide one or two Michael Jackson costumes with wig and gloves . The first person to dress up like him and say “Who’s Bad” wins the prize.


Name That tune: Give each player a small post it note paper and a pencil. Play a variety of 10 Michael Jackson songs. Some well known ones and some not so well known songs. Play them for 15 – 20 seconds each and cut them off. Tell the players to write down the name of each song after your turn each song off. Check the papers or have a volunteer do it. The player with the most correct songs wins the prize.


Michael Jackson Karaoke Contest: Whoever can sing a Michael Jackson song all the way through and sound good wins. Let non participating party guest be the judge by clapping. Whoever gets the loudest claps wins.


Michael Jackson Pinata: You can get creative with these pinatas and make them Michael Jackson themed. The monkey represents Michael s love for animals and his pet monkey. The guitar is for his love of music. The star is because he was the star of the show. The disco is for back in the day. Just print out our Michael Jackson party labels and paste them onto the pinatas

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

Most girls of any age love Sanrios Hello Kitty. Let’s throw A party in pink and celebrate using the cute popular kitty Kat as A birthday party theme. The theme is also great for those of you who love the color pink. That color is seen all throughout hello kitty.

So are you ready to get your party ideas started? Okay see below for all the ideas you need for this type of party.

No Hello Kitty Party is complete without A themed supplies ensemble and party people. Find everything from decorations ideas, activity ideas, games, food ideas, and all hello kitty supplies on the market.

Create and liven up this theme for kids or adults. It will be fun once you bring it all together. Check it out!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitations


“Keep it in the theme that’s what I say.” Two weeks before the party is to take place. Get those invitation out to people who you wish to attend your special Sanrio party.

If you have to order you party invitations you should get your order in at least 3 weeks before your party begins. That will allow you to get them in your future guests hands.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Cake

Bake up A hello kitty party cake using A hello kitty cake pan. Frost the cake with white frosting.

Paint hello kitty’s nose yellow or use A yellow jelly bean. For the eyes use black jelly beans or color in the eyes with black icing color.

Paint her bow according to your party theme colors. To create the whiskers simply paint black frosting lines towards the edge of the cake.

Another way is to cut licorice stings and place them onto the spots where the whiskers belong. If your really want A smooth looking cake roll out some fondant over your frosted cake to make it look more professional.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Decorations


  • Streamers: Buy pink and white streamers and hang them from the center of the room strung to the wall. Stream them in entry and door ways too.
  • Balloons: Hello kitty balloons are A must to make it look popping. Buy some with hello kitty faces and use foil Mylar balloons. Fill them with helium to make them float in party areas.
  • Welcome Sign: Place A personalized Hello kitty welcome sign at the entrance to the party. Stick A sign in the grass, hang A banner, or wave A flag near the entry or front door to your party. Tie A couple of hello kitty balloons near the sign too. This helps guest find you quickly and singles out your party place. The banner could read something like:” Welcome to Kelsy’s super Sweet Hello Kitty Dreams Birthday!”
  • Party Tables: Should be cover with a hello kitty table cloth. Another idea is to place A solid color table cloth. The matching colors could be pink, yellow, lime green, or simple white.
  • Create Table centerpieces: You can make them by using A clear vase with A wide width. Pour pink marbles, acrylic diamonds, pink pebbles or mixed colors. Stick lollipops with long stems into the pebbles and they should hold firmly. Using A longer stick place A glued cutout face of hello kitty on the stick and into the middle of the centerpiece pebbles. Place the sticks in A manner that you see fit for your vase structure.

    Hello Kitty Party Food Ideas

    Some of these ideas can be used as fun food party activities. Set up A party appetizer and separate drink table for your guests to munch during the party.
    Hello Kitty Sweet Treat Ideas

  • Kitty Kandy Cake Station – Make Hello Kitty pancakes and let guests create hello kitty cakes. Place containers on the station using white frosting, yellow lemon-head candy, grape heads for the eyes, licorice whiskers, and red hot candy bows. Guests can spread the icing on using plastic spoons or butter knives.
  • Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows: – Place medium sized marshmallows on A stick. Melt sweet chocolate chips. Use white or milk chocolate even place red food coloring to make pink chocolate. Dip the marshmallows in chocolate and stick them into in A piece of foam the held in place inside A decorated container.
  • Pink Kitty Puff Corn:Make pink cones and holders to hold the popcorn in. Turn empty egg cartons upside down. Paint it or decorate it to match the party. Make holes into each egg cup = 12, 18, or 24. Get some theme colored sheets of paper. Roll them into cones and tape the end so you’ll end up with A paper cone.Pop the popcorn and pour it into A bowl melt some butter and add A few drops of food coloring to your butter and pour over the popcorn to make it pink. Stuff the paper cone into the egg carton holder and fill them with A bit of pink kitty corn. You can add pink sugar sprinkles on top to make it look pretty.
  • Hello Kitty Cupcakes: Bake cupcakes using strawberry and vanilla flavored cake mix. Pour one layer of strawberry then one layer of white and so on until the baking cups are full. Cupcakes will be white and pink once bitten into. Frost them with white icing and pink sprinkles.

    Hello Kitty Birthday Party Gifts

    Want to surprise the birthday girl with A matching Hello Kitty Themed Gift? Take A look at the gift ideas below. See what kind of gifts we thought would make them happy!Hello kitty offers a great variety of gifts. Here are some of the thing you could get your special birthday person who loves hello kitty.

  • Purses or handbags – Hello kitty make A large variety of these and they look great.
  • Jewelry – They make A wide collection of various items like: Rings, watches, charms, necklaces, bracelets, and more!
  • Accessorizes They also offer A huge selection of things like: blankets, clothing, home decorations, shoes, games, and much more than I can name.


Bubble Party Theme

Diamond Bubble Party Theme for a Romantic Birthday

Celebrate Romantically with Bubbles & Bling!

The romantic diamond bubble party theme is easy to create. Party in an atmosphere filled with bubbles, diamonds, & candlelight. Just about everyone loves diamonds. Diamond accents and diamond confetti do not have to be expensive, So long as your not using real diamonds.
There are various types of cheap diamond looking supplies around that you can use to decorate your party to look elaborate and classy.

Decorations you can use for a diamond bubble party include:

  • Acrylic Diamonds & Confetti – These sparkling diamond accents make any party bling. They come in multiple colors. Sprinkle them around your party tables for a shiny glamorous look. You can even fill centerpeices with them.
  • Crystal Faux Diamonds – These will be a bit more expensive then the arcylic ones. They are more shiny and clear. If your not bothered by spending more, Then these are the way to go.
  • Table Coverings – Red velvet looks best with this theme. You can use any color scheme you prefer. Cool color combos are red & gold, black & blue, pink & silver, blue & purple.
  • Bubbles Blasting Everywhere – Bubbles should be floating around the party areas. To make this happen your going to need a few bubble blower machines. Set them in corners so they are not exposed for everyone to see. Your party will look awesome with bubbles & bling.
  • Clear Bubble Balloons – Diamond Clear Heart Balloons look great floating around the ceilings and placed on floors. Qualatex Clear Bubble Balloons look like big bubbles once they are blown up. Add shaped mylar balloons with special sayings around the party room also.
  • Diamond Bubble Invitations – Invite your guests with appealing Bubbly Invitations that match your party theme.


Diamond Bubble Buffet Ideas

Make themed cards for foods served at your bubble party! Just place name cards next to each food item and begin the name with bubble or diamond.

  • Bubble Buns – Serve some dinner rolls or biscuits
  • Bubble Balls – Meatballs
  • Diamond Drinks – Serve champagne, wines, soda pop, & punch
  • Diamond Dip & Bubble Chips – Dip and chips
  • Bubble Chix – Chicken made anyway you like
  • Bubble Burgers – Homemade hamburgers
  • Diamond Tacos – Serve tacos with all the fixings
  • Nachos
  • Pizza


Diamond Dessert Bar

  • Cookies
  • Tarts
  • Cakes
  • Pies

  • Buffet Table Decor – Decorate your buffet tables with a table cloth. Scatter some diamonds around the table. Hange bubble balloons around the area. Make a sign that says bubble buffet, diamond desserts or anything you want. Hire entertainment for your party. Your guests will have so much fun at your party with games and more!


Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Ideas

Scooby Doo birthday party ideas for A fun celebration. This party is great for kids of all ages. It’s fun to throw this theme around Halloween time too.
Some teens like Scooby Doo too! Let’s get your Scooby Doo party geared and prepared for A blast.

The first thing you need to do to get your party popping is get your party invitation into the hands of future party guests.


Scooby Doo Birthday Party Invitations

In order to have A party you need to invite guests. What’s A party with no people.

Get your party invites out as early as three to two week before your party is opted to begin. Scooby Doo Party Invitations can also be made by you. Make your own by using any color card stock paper.

Fold the paper in half like A card. Cut it into two pieces so you will have two invitations. Cut A sponge into A dog paw print. Dab it onto an ink stamp pad and stamp it onto the card stock paper to make A paw print.

Make lines onto the paper with A ruler and fill in the details about the party. You can make photo copies or continue to create more from scratch.

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Cake

Make A cake shaped like A dog bone. Simply bake up A rectangle cake and cut around it to shape it like A dog bone. You can then frost it and smooth over some white fondant on the cake.

Add Paw prints too! If not just frost the whole cake white and write Scooby Snack on it along with happy birthday.

Scooby Doo Birthday Party Decorations

Use the colors that are most related to the Scooby Doo party theme. Usually blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow. Mix or match the colors to get great results.

Things you should use to decorate are streamers hanging in party areas. Scooby Doo Party Decorations including A tableware ensemble. Foil and regular balloons around party tables. Use Scooby Doo Table cloths to add to the birthday party theme.

Another good prop to use is monster cutouts. Dog paw print cutouts and hang them around your party areas and on the walls.

Scooby Doo Party Food Ideas

Even though there are no specific party foods that are Scooby Doo related. You can make place cards and name your food after comment terms use in the cartoon. Here are some cool ideas for food and drinks.

Set up A table and place A dog paw decorated banner over it so that reads: Scooby Doo’s Doggy Dog Grub

  • Scooby Snacks – Beef jerky with cheese cubes on A toothpick.
  • Scooby Monster Punch – Make Green or Blue Kool Aid or punch in A big punch bowl. Add scoops of sorbet ice cream on top. Cool sorbet colors are red, orange, green, or yellow. The sorbet will melt on top and look really creepy but tastes terrific. Do this right as the party starts.
  • Mystery Monster Subs – Get some long rolls of french bread. Build the sandwich with meat, cheese, sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Cut the sandwiches into small halves. Cut the cheese down the middle zigzag so it looks like sharp teeth. Let the cheese hang out the side of the sandwich along with A piece of meat under it so it looks like A hanging tongue and teeth. Pin two olives with toothpick on top to look like eyeballs.
  • Monster Meat Subs – You can also make meatball subs. Just make big meat balls and bake them in the oven. When they are all done place them in A pot and pour some tasty marina sauce over them. Bring them to A boil. Then let them simmer on low. Cooking for about 15 minutes in the sauce over on top of the stove. Build the sub by adding mozzarella cheese on top or the hot saucy meatballs.

Add other snacks like chips, dips, gummy worms, cookies, fruits, and vegetables. Fill A green tub with more drinks and ice for those thirsty guests.


Scooby Doo Party Games & Activites

Fun games like pinata are very popular at parties. Fill A Scooby Doo pinata with treats and goodies. Guests will have A blast popping in open and filling their goodie bags with yummy stuff.

Smurfs Birthday Party Ideas

The Smurfs Birthday Party Ideas

The Smurfs birthday party ideas. For or a Smurfy happy birthday celebration. The Smurfs has been out for a long time.

I remember watching the cartoon almost everyday. I got really excited about the movie and took my kids to go see it.

Since the new makeover to the smurfs. They have become ever so popular again for birthday parties. Check out the Smurf party ideas we have for you. Were gonna get you Smurf’d so you can begin your party planning on the right foot.

  Smurfs Birthday Party Invitations

The very first thing you need to even have a party is guests. Let people know what the party theme you are going to have with your party invitations.

The best way to let people know about your Smurf theme party is to get some Smurf Birthday Party Invitations into their hands.

Fill in your party details and hand deliver or mail them to your friends, family, and neighbors.

Smurfs Birthday Party Cake

As you already know the smurfs are blue. The best thing for you to do is make blue food coloring your best friend.

Bake a double or single layer cake and shape or size. Mix a few drops of blue food coloring with your white topping and frost your cake. Add Smurfs Birthday Cake Toppers to finish off your cake for a themed look.

Smurfs Cupcakes – You can make these pretty much the same way. Bake up some cupcakes and frost them blue. Pop in some Printable Smurf Cupcake Toppers. Then your cupcake are set and have been Smurfed!

Smurfs Birthday Party Decorations

The Smurfs live in mushrooms, So it would be cool to hang red and white mushroom cutouts from the ceiling.

Get some blue and white streamers and twist the two colors together. Stream them from the center of the room all the way to the corners of the room, Or hang them from corner to corner or the party room.

Decorate with blue and white curling ribbon wrapped around filled jars of blue and white candy on party tables. Get some helium filled solid blue and white balloons so they will float.

Place balloons around party areas. You could tape one balloon onto each chair. Place gathered balloons around the food tables and tape them onto the back corners of the table.

You can add more colors to accent your party. Use purple, yellow and green colors around the room too. Vines of leaves and tree cutouts adds to the scene.

Smurf berry trees can be made with green construction paper with red circles for the berries. place your cutouts on the walls.


Smurfs Birthday Party Food

The Smurfs love to pick berries to make all kinds of delicious appetizers. We will incorporate the characters names into the fun foods. Here is a collection of food ideas for your Smurfy Day!

  • Smurf Jiggle Berry Cup – Place a mixture of fresh berries in clear plastic cups over blue jello with forks. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are ideal.
  • Smurf Cookies – Make some sugar cookies and place a few drops of blue food coloring to turn them blue.
  • Smurf Berry Punch – Take a few packets of blue kool aid and mix to the directions. Place the drink in a big punch bowl. Add a few scoops of white lemon sorbet on top of the punch so it will float and melt. Pour in some lemon lime soda to make it fizz.
  • Smurfy Mallows – Place big marshmallows on lollipop sticks and dip them in chocolate. Cover in blue sprinkles and place the sticks into a piece of foam that is held sturdy in a decorated container.
  • Azraels Tuna Bites – Make tuna sandwiches and cut them into petite fours. Stack the sandwiches into a nice pyramid Pop in a Smurf cupcake topper on the top layer of tuna bites to make them look Smurfed!

Add many other snacks to the party food table. Try and find blue candy, and get some rainbow gold fish as treats.

Smurfs Birthday Party Games

Play Smurfy games at your Smurf birthday party. Almost any game can be turned into a party themed game. All you have to do is take a regular game and add a twist in the name.

You can take this Purple Star Pinata and name it Smurf blowout. You can add some Smurf Tattoos, also some Smurf Lip gloss, and Smurf Stickers. Fill it with candy and your set for a smurf blowout.

How about the Smurf Toss Game. It’s pretty fun, The player who gets the most rings over clumsy in 1 minute wins the prize.

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Toy story birthday party ideas for A fun celebration time. Party hard with Buzz Light Year, Woody, and the gang!

Bring this party to life with our awesome birthday party ideas. Get this party geared and filled with fun thing to do with everything we have to offer.

We have party supplies, food ideas, games, decoration ideas, and more for you to make your event A good one!

Enjoy Our Ideas for A Happy Toy Story Birthday Party!

Toy Story Birthday Party Invitations

Toy story birthday party invitations will need to be out and into the hand of your party guests within two weeks before it starts.

Make alien invitations yourself. Simply Get some blue card stock paper. Dip an oval shaped sponge into lime green paint.

Stamp it onto the paper in the center and place 3 googly eye balls from A craft store in the middle for the eyes and paint on A smile to replicate the alien from toy story.


Toy Story Birthday Party Cake

Create your own toy story birthday cake with this cool buzz light year cake pan.

Frost it to match the colors of buzz him self or roll fondant over it to make A smooth cake that looks even better!

Use the color that buzz light years space suit contains. The colors Purple, White, Green, Red, Black, and Tan for his skin. Will make this cake look eye popping in every aspect.

Make your birthday party cake the highlight and main attraction to your party. Paying attention to the detail in buzzes space suit and face. Will guide you on making your cake A big hit to party guest and the special birthday person.


Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations

Decorate your birthday party elaborately with toy story party decorations that match from plates to the streamers.

If you don’t want to use toy story tableware. A good color to use is blue and lime green to make the party look perfect for this theme.

Lime green plates and blue dessert plates look good. Hang lime green streamer twisted into blue ones and hang them from the ceilings.

Get helium balloons and tie them onto chairs and float them around the food table. Hang toy story banners around to announce the birthday person at the entrance and in the party area for guests to see. Have A few balloon outside too.


Toy Story Birthday Party Food

Make toy story themed food by naming regular prepared food with name place cards. Name theme after popular sayings in the toy story movies. Remember the ” Pizza Planet” in the original movie? You could make food based around this theme.

  • Alien Pizza – Make alien pizza it is really simple. Get some cans of biscuits. Pat them until they are flat and round. Spoon marinara sauce onto them and sprinkle cheese onto them. Add two black olives as the eyes and two slices of green bell pepper for the antennas. Bake them until they are done.
  • Woody’s BBQ – Blaze up the grill and cook some barbeque. Make some ribs, chicken, vegetables, and hotdogs are great in the name of Woody the cowboy.
  • Buzzes Sparkling Punch – Create some blue punch really simple. Get packets of blue Kool Aid and make A few pitchers and pour them into A punch bowl. Add some lemon lime soda to the punch bowl for the sparkle. Then scoop some lemon sorbet and add on top of the punch.Add A variety of of other snacks for party guests to munch on while waiting for the real food to be served. A few munchies that are popular to serve are pretzels, potato chip and dips, fruit salad, veggie platter, olives with cheese, pita chip with cream cheese spread and chives.